The Alien Scout Head Torch:

Manufacturer Part Number:0042768877029


We are committed to giving you the very best head torch.

We focus on durability, comfort, brightness and multiple light settings for every situation.

It is very simple, there is not other head torch in the market that offers you the same features and adaptability at its price.

These are some of the awesome features our Alien Scout head torch offers:

· Cree XP-E LED Technology reaches 110m (168 Lumen power)IMG_9788-P-
· Versatile Modes (Steady, Flashing, High, Low and Medium)
· Two Color Choices (White and Red)
· Lightweight, Sleek and Easy to Use Button System
· Waterproof IPX6
· Battery Life Ranges from 30-120 Hrs. (Based on Use)
· Machine Washable Headband
· Light Rotates 70 Degrees

This is one of the most powerful head torches in the market…

High Mode: 168 lumens shine up to 110m during 30h
Med Mode: 75 lumens shine up to 65m during 55h
Low Mode: 10 lumens shine up to 9m during 120h
SOS Mode: 17 lumens
Red Light High Mode: 8m during 80h

Our Warranty

We take immense pride in the quality of our Alien Scout Head Torch, which not only comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, but also features a 30-day money back guarantee!!!