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The Alien Scout Professional Head Torch

The best headlamp for camping, climbing, hiking, fishing, running, working with your hands.
Our premium headlight offers multiple light display modes, two useful colors, adjusts easily to fit most head sizes, and projects light up to 110 meters!
Our headlights feature a powerful 168 lumen spotlight designed with Cree XP-E LED Technology that can shine light up to 110 meters.
That means you can be seen clearly at night from one end of a football pitch to the other! Talk about bright!
The Alien Scout features both a red LED light...
... ideal for reading, preserving night vision and wildlife observation.
Each of our premium head torches comes standard with a hard case with interior mesh pocket ...
... which makes it easy to store and travel, a carabiner that lets you clip it to a backpack your belt or anywhere else, and three Duracell batteries!

Do you think you have seen everything?

This unique headlamp is one-size-fits-all and offers a rotatable body that can turn up to 70 degrees. You'll be able to shine your light at just the right angle no matter how you use it. And with a single, easy-to-manage slide strap, you can adjust the comfort on the fly.
When adding three fresh batteries to your Alien Scout Headlamp, you can expect up to 120 hours of use at low light volume. Even at its brightest setting, you can reach 30 hours of use on a single set of batteries. We have included three Duracell batteries so you can start using your head torch ASAP!
Our head torches have been tested with powerful water jets (12.5 mm nozzle). - Test duration: at least 3 minutes - Water volume: 75 litres per minute - Pressure: 1000 kPa at distance of 3 m
Remember, this is what you get when you buy one of our professional head torches: · Headlamp (1) · User's Manual (1) · AAA Battery (3) · Durable Carabiner · Portable Hard Case with Mesh Pocket (1)

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